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Marketing Services

Marketing Campaign Design

SCG has been developing market campaigns for a variety of companies and a variety of products. Whether targeting a specific feature, a market niche, or an existing product, SCG will help you put together a winning combination.

Product Launch

Too often a product launch is done with good intentions, but without attention to detail. Just introducing a new product or feature at a trade show does not do justice to the effort it took to get it created. From small to large, SCG can guide your product launch efforts to maximize your investment and come out of the gate running.

Product, Sales Training, Competitive Analysis

Teaching users the intricacies of a medical device, and doing it in a short period of time is always a challenge. Making sure the curriculum is comprehensive and efficient whether the product is simple or complex results in an effective use of time. 

Product Management

Managing a product is more than just knowing the product itself. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the market, competition, users, and technology. SCG has been in product management for multiple market segments in the medical device arena from patient monitoring to ultrasound and electrocardiography.

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