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Product Development

SCG has extensive background in product development, from concept to product realization. Over 35 years in the medical device field, much of it in Marketing, Research and Development, and Project Management has provided invaluable understanding of what it takes to bring a medical device to market.

Product and Market Research

Not all product ideas are good ones. Every product concept requires research to validate the concepts and understand the application for the market. SCG will evaluate your product ideas and their applicability to solve a problem for the end users. This includes not only the product form, fit, and function, but the competitive landscape as well.

Requirements Development

Often, the market requirements and product requirements are vague, ambiguous, and not testable. SCG has a vast background in requirements creation that ensures they can be tested and have traceability, both key elements in product development. You need to make sure you are not only creating the right product, but that the requirements guide your development.


What good is a product or application if it cannot or will not be used? Understanding usability and testing for usability is required in the medical device industry. SCG can guide you in developing your product so it will meet the rigors of usability standards and will be embraced by your customers.

Technical Writing

There is a knack for writing complex operations or technical documents so they are easy to understand and have a simple flow. SCG has authored numerous instructions for use, market collateral, and easy to understand technical documents for regulatory submittals. 

Every day is filled with the knowledge that our work will make lives better through better patient outcomes.

Working in the medical device industry is just a job to some. But, at SCG it is what we do!

Bob Steurer, Principal Consultant

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