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  • Quality Management System

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With over 35 years in the medical device industry working with Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring, Wireless Telemetry, Medical Device IT Networks, Electrocardiography, and Arrhythmia systems. SCG has a history of effective interaction and relationship management with clients, sales management, research and development, engineering, creative agencies, and multi-functional project teams.  Coupled with strong analytical and development skills, SCG can help you achieve success whether its working with, or creating a Quality Management System, FDA Premarket Notification, Medical Device Risk Management, Project Management, Technical Writing and more. 

Principal Consultant Bob Steurer is a member of the AAMI/ANSI Medical Device Alarms Committee, the AAMI Committee on Artificial Intelligence, ISO TC121, JWG2 Alarms, IEC 80001-1: 2014 Application of risk management for IT Networks incorporating medical devices, and AAMI/ANSI/IEC 60601-2-25 Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of electrocardiographs.


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